Salut, ça va ? « Time flies when you’re having fun », said somebody at some point. And it’s a true fact! Alors, quoi de neuf? A lot of things happend! 🙂

Experience in 2. month of EVS

After the first « supermegaultraturboawesome » impressions, things started to stabilize. Now I know where is the best market, where can I eat, what can I do when I’m bored, the names of tram stations on my way to Maison de L’Europe (plus some more), where to party and so on. The « honeymoon » is over, it’s time to work, get new contacts and stay active. Nantes is still super, dynamic and exciting and every day I discover something new and I hope it will stay like this.

photo by: Orange Magazine

NCG – Nantes creative Generations

The Nantes Creative Generations forum is an event which, in my opinion, each country should make as part of the city’s strategy and budget every year! It’s an opportunity for young people from different European countries to share ideas, get new inspirations and collaborate. But the main goals are to encourage creative and citizen initiatives and to promote meetings and openness in Europe. Surprising part is that initiative came up from the people (or am just one person?) that worked (still works?) in Nantes Metropole. From 26th to 29th of October I’ve taken a part in the NCG, as a leader, assistant or supporter of various activities. I’ve met many young people, heard about some impressive projects and, of course, I’ve had a really good time!


…still learning French language

Finally, I’ve started with french courses in language school « Francophonie ». The big difference is that the professor is giving the french lessons on french all the time, during the class. Yeah, you read it, on french tout le temps! But to make it clear, she is using simple french words when she speaks. In a situation when somebody doesn’t understand a word, she describes it with simple french words, or draws it on the whiteboard. As a last thing, in case that the particular word isn’t understandable, she uses the English, but those situations are rare. Try to put yourself when you were a small kid. How did you learn your mother language? You learned by listening to others! It makes sense and I can say that is effective and this approach works! For the moment, I can understand the random conversation way better. While I’m working and in the free time, I’m trying to speak French as much as I can. The progress is present, but still it’s not enough to have a normal conversation.


Blog « EVS in Nantes »

After participation on NCG forum and all of those inspirations and motivations from 47 young participants, I’ve decide to open a blog « EVS in Nantes ». Main goal of this blog is to share and motivate young people to do EVS, to travel, to see all the wonders of Nantes, France and so on. I will put some pictures, update about learning french, share some differences between Croatia and France and other related things. You can check it on this link.

À bientôt !