The figures about the current unemployment rate in the euro area (consisting of 19 countries, which have adopted the euro as their currency) as well as of all the 28 countries of the European Union have been published by Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union.

There are some reasons for moderate optimism since the unemployment rate in the euro area has been identified as 10.4% in December 2015, and has decreased from 10.5% in November 2015 and from 11,4% in 2014. The current rate is the lowest recorded in the euro area since September 2011. The unemployment rate in all the 28 countries of the EU stayed stable at 9.0% in December 2015, in comparison to November 2015, and went down from 9.9% in December 2014. It is the lowest rate recorded in the EU28 since June 2009.

The best unemployment situation can be found in Germany and Czech Republic, the worst in Greece and Spain. In France the rate stays at 10.2%. Unfortunately unemployment among young people still remains high, often two times higher than within older age groups. It should be said however that many of those young people are studying full-time and therefore neither working nor looking for a job.

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