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Welcome to Introducing Hungary – a series about Hungarian history, culture and more written by Lilla


Living abroad might be challenging, but living as a Hungarian in a country that is different than your own is even more difficult. You may be asking why, but to understand a journey like this you need to dive into the deep end of Hungarian history and culture.

If you would like to learn more about Hungary, the home of Lilla, our European Solidarity Corps volunteer, follow her monthly articles on our website or learn Hungarian expressions with her help on our Instagram or Twitter pages.



20 August 2019 – Becoming… – Hungarian history in short, part 1

20 September 2019 – Defining MAGYARs – Hungarian culture and customs

23 October 2019 – A thousand years passed – Hungarian history in short, part 2

22 November 2019 – You should know – Important figures throughout the world

20 December 2019 – Boldog Karácsonyt – Christmas in Hungary


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