Hello to all readers ! My name is Tomislav Sucic and I come from Croatia from a town called Karlovac (yes, you should ask Google where is it). I was born on 26 of May 1990, so I’m 26 years old.

I can say for myself that I have a lot of experience working and volunteering in civic society. In last 3 years I worked with a few associations on many different projects, I’ve organized many public and cultural events (concerts, exhibitions, literature events,…), took different initiatives, and so on.


I came to Nantes with a programme called European voluntary service (EVS). Long story short – you go to another country, from 2-12 months and you volunteer in organization. Your traveling ticket is covered as same as the accomodation. Each month you receive pocket money, money for food plus you will get the insurance. Yes, almost everything is covered!

So, I came to Nantes on Sunday (4.9.’16.) and I will stay for 10 months. It’s hard to explain what do I think about Nantes but if I have to choose only one word it will be « Supermegaultraturboawesome ».
I will do my EVS in Maison de L’Europe in organization Europe direct. My tasks as volunteer are:

  • Helping in welcoming citizens and answering their requests (giving them resources and learning materials of Europe, advices about mobility in Europe, etc.)
  • Leading the animations about the Europe (based on my own experience abroad and about Croatia)
  • Realization of communication tools (writing articles for the website, radio programs, etc.)
  • Organizing and helping in the organization of events for the House of Europe (conferences, debates, animations, etc.)

One of my goals in Nantes is to learn french language, make new friends, continue with volunteering in free time and travel when is it possible.