Ada est arrivée en volontariat européen à la Maison de l’Europe en septembre dernier. Elle revient dans cet article sur son expérience en France. Ada ne parlait pas français en arrivant et elle a fait énormément de progrès mais il faut venir discuter avec elle pour le constater ! Ecrire en français reste trop difficile, elle vous livre donc dans cet article ses impressions en anglais.

Unfortunately my European Voluntary Service at Maison de l’Europe is slowly coming to an end. I would therefore like to take the occasion to thank all of the Maison de l’Europe team for this great 10 months that I have spent with them in Nantes. Even though the beginnings were difficult, as I was putting most of my energy into trying to understand the complicated French language, day by day I started to make sense of the sounds around me until I got to the point of being able to make my own presentations in French, which only few months ago I did not think would be possible. You can imagine my happiness last week at the European Youth Event in Strasbourg, where I realised that I can understand all the three official languages spoken in the European Parliament! But even though the language is a means of communication and therefore one of the most important skills that I have learned here, it is by far not the only one. The countless animations and presentations that I have made during my stay in Nantes will not only stay in my memory as moments of interesting exchange and valuable work but will also allow me to continue my future career with greater self-confidence.

Especially I would like to thank Lucile who from the beginning till the end has made sure that my EVS will be a positive experience and has always welcomed me with great kindness. Big thanks also to Laura for being the best office neighbour, always responding to my questions and doubts and making sure that I will not leave the office without having laughed at least once. Thank you also to Sandra for her attitude, which positively influences the whole atmosphere at Maison de l’Europe, Patricia for making sure that I will not get lost in the labyrinths of the French bureaucratic system, Aude for a warm welcome and being always there if I needed advice, Camille for all the France travel tips and of course Martine for being a mine of knowledge and experience from which I tried to take at least a bit.

Ada Modzelewska