The Polish city of Wroclaw, located in the south-west of the country, together with the Spanish city of San Sebastian are 2016 European Capitals of Culture.

The city’s application under the name ‘’Space for Beauty’’ won in 2008, and since then, during the 8 years of preparation, 400 projects and 1000 cultural events have been planned to take place this year in the city.

All of them are affiliated around the goal of the creation of a common cultural area, allowing the exchange of experience, good practices as well as a network of international cooperation. This goal is aimed to be achieved with the help of eight different arts : architecture, film, literature, music, visual arts, theatre, performance and opera.

The ECC programme has been founded in 1985 and therefore celebrated last year its 30th anniversary. Since it’s creation over 50 cities all over Europe have been designated to promote and highlight the richness and diversity of European cultures, celebrate the common European features and foster the contribution of cultures to the development of cities. All the events taking place in Wroclaw this year can be found on the following website :

Ada Modzelewska